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Actual colorized mirror, applied to an acrylic substrate for reverse laser and rotary engraving applications. LazrMirr's new technology has been designed to provide clear, undistorted mirror reflection in six dazzling colors for the ultimate in subsurface/color filling projects.

LazrMirr Chips    


LazrMirr Material Specifications

Material .001" Micro-surfaced impact acrylic for reverse engraving
Sheet Size 12" x 24"
Thickness 2-ply, 3/32"; (Exterior signage only) 2-ply 1/32" (Interior signage only)
Usage Exterior Signage (3/32" version only) Interior Signage and Personal Identification; Recognition, Advertising specialties; Point of Purchase
Cutter Laser, rotating carbide
Cutting Depth .005"
Fabrication Saws, Laser cut-outs; 3/32" material cannot be sheared.

Other Features

Designed for reverse engraving. Cut shapes; Silkscreens, Permits fine detailed engraving. Color fill with acrylic water-based paints or IPI Acryfil only.

Download: Fabrication and Technical Tips
For best results when downloading: right click and do a File Save As.

Products listed are readily available in 2-ply 3/32.
Call for specific details on availability and/or minimum order.

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